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Brain Tanning

The ability to turn a raw animal hide into leather has been an integral part of human life for thousands of years. It has clothed our families and built our shelters for countless generations.

Whether you are a crafts-person or a hunter who wants to utilize more of your prey. A person who seeks understanding, or one seeking self sufficiency, turning rawhide into leather is fun, and fulfilling.

Hides can be cured using the bark of certain trees, it can be done with soap, egg yolks, or soy lecithin. But, the method that we will be exploring will be brain tanning. The use of the brain of the animal to tan its skin. It has been said that every mammal has exactly enough brains to tan its own hide! Whether that is true or not, I do not know, but we will use pig brains to explore all the aspects of this process.

We will flesh, lye soak, de-hair, and scrape each hide, then we will brain, break, and smoke them.

Every participant will gain intimate knowledge of the hide tanning process, and everyone will leave with their own piece of handmade leather!

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