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A Season Of Wild Food

Prepare to learn the local flora, in depth and at different stages of growth! Learn to cook your foraged plant finds, and to make your own medicine during eight 3-hour sessions!

We will spend five 3-hour sessions in the field studying, and tasting wild plants. We will also spend one 3-hour session on making salves and tinctures with the herbs that we have harvested. Another of our days will be dedicated to the utilitarian purposes of plants. this could include weaving, cordage, basket making, or any number of other projects. On the final day we will meet at a predetermined location and work on cooking and recipes for eating and preserving your harvest.

Knowing that you can eat stinging nettles is cool, and Virginia water leaf is delicious, but this is an opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level. We will witness plants going through their life cycle, and see what is edible and when. We will see how quickly things change, by going out monthly and touching it with our own hands. You will also see first hand which plants come to life at what point. Ramps may be one of the first edible plants of the season, but, lambs quarters are delicious, and may not be available until June.

Take this opportunity to grow as a person, and as a naturalist. See the nature that is available all throughout the twin cities!

This is the schedule that is set out for the class. All sessions will take place from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Session 1: May 16
Session 2: June 6
Session 3: June 22
Session 4: July 14
Session 5: August 8
Session 6: August 24
Session 7: September 5
Session 8: October 26

Please check our schedule for all upcoming classes!

All our classes are availble to be scheduled for a private group of 8 or more! Contact us to set a date!