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The Sacred Hunt

Have you always wanted to go hunting, but were afraid to try? Do you not have anyone to teach you? Are you worried about the ethics? This is the answer to your questions!

In this 9 month apprenticeship we will give you everything that you need to have in your deer hunting tool kit. We will infuse you with ethics and connection to the hunt. We will show you how to become intimately in tune with your prey.

We will meet monthly plus have assigned readings and practices. We will cover every aspect of the hunt from tracking and stalking to bow making and primitive camping. You will come out of this experience a changed person. You will know a whole new level of confidence and connection to yourself, and to nature. You will know that you have what it takes to walk into the woods and provide meat, tools and clothing for yourself and your family.

This is a huge step toward knowing your place in the food chain and really connecting to your food. If this sounds like what you need, do not wait. After initially selling out this class in one week, we have been able to add just 2 more spots! No more additions will be possible this year!

The cost for this experience is payable in one of two ways. You can contact to start a payment plan which will entail 3 payments over the course of the 9 month apprenticeship, each payment is $750.

Or you can save $250 by making a 1-time payment on this page for $2000 and secure your spot in the group for this amazing, life affirming experience!

Registration closes on January 25th or once the last 2 spots are taken!

Please check our schedule for all upcoming classes!

All our classes are availble to be scheduled for a private group of 8 or more! Contact us to set a date!