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Foraging Edibles and Primitive Cooking

Nature can provide everything that we need. We can find delicious nourishing food just by paying attention to the plants that are all around us.

We can also use parts and pieces from nature to cook and prepare our food. Remember that it was cooking and eating meat that propelled our evolution and the growth of our brains, and they did not have pans, stoves, or grills back then.

In this 6 hour workshop we will go afield and collect the wild edibles we encounter. After we have identified our harvest and discussed the edible parts, we will return to our base and process our bounty. When everything is cleaned and ready we will prepare our goodies using primitive methods of cooking such as stone boiling water, roasting in the coals, and more. After everything is prepared we will feast!

This is going to be a fast paced, fun, hands-on class. Don't miss this one!

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