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Bow Building Weekend

What could a more ubiquitous example of the feral side of humanity than the bow and arrow? Since itís invention more 10,000 years ago it has been the symbol of wild humans. At that time, it was the most powerful weapon on the planet. Still today it is the weapon of choice or many hunters.

This will be three 9 hour days of hands-on wood working with hand tools. In this weekend, you will learn how to build a bow from hickory, a bow string of imitation sinew, and one type of primitive arrow. You will learn how to select a good piece of wood suitable for a bow, the tools necessary to make your bow, and the techniques needed to craft it. You will learn to measure draw weight and draw length. When the bows are completed, you will learn how to twist a bow string (similar to making cordage). We will then discuss arrows and how to build them.

This will be a fast paced class covering a lot of information and a lot of hands-on work. Be ready to work hard.

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