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Primitive Hunting and Fishing Tools

In the wilderness, be it now, or 10,000 years ago, there has always been one constant. The search for food.

Of the four needs of wilderness living, food is the lowest on the list, but once you have a shelter, your fire is burning, and you have secured a water source, food will begin to occupy your mind. When you are hungry it consumes you. There are many delicious edible plants, but they are not always in season, and you need a lot of them to make up enough calories to sustain you.

The consumption of meat is what allowed humans to evolve into the big brained bipeds that we are today. In order to get that meat you need the proper tools. Rabbit stick, Sling, Fish spear (in several different configurations), and a couple of simple traps. These are the tools you will need, and that you will make.

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