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Wilderness Survival Basics

New to the world of Survival? Or new to the outdoors? This introductory level class will give a base of knowledge that you will need in case of an emergency, or lost type situation.

We will show the basic ingrediants for a survival kit. We will introduce you to the ideas of Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. the rule of 3', and the guiding principles of Connection and Awareness.

You can live through being lost, and you can survive an emergency, you just need a few simple tools, and some experience. Here it is. This is your chance to test the waters, or just dive right in!!!

Topics to be covered:
Survival kit
Seasonally appropriate emergency shelter
Basic fire building without matches
Finding and cleaning water
Edible plants and traps
Connection and awareness

Please check our schedule for all upcoming classes!

All our classes are availble to be scheduled for a private group of 8 or more! Contact us to set a date!