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3 Day Wilderness Skills

Our 3-day wilderness survival class will bring you and your class mates into a weekend experience where we will work together as a group to learn the 4 basic skill sets and 2 guiding principles of survival.

You will learn, basic shelter construction, both using available modern materials and also strictly from natural materials. You will gain a working knowledge of fire building, from the gathering of materials, and set up of a fire lay, to the ignition of fire, by several methods including matches to flint and steel, and more. We will guide you through the process of making water safe to drink, with filters, tablets, and natural methods, and we will show you some basic hunting and trapping methods as well as familiarizing you with the most essential plants for food, medicine, and tools.

Each class will be specifically tailored to the time of year and conditions of the weekend, thus allowing you to learn in all 4 seasons.

While our students are learning these skills we will emphasize at each turn, the importance of constant awareness and connection to your surroundings. We must maintain vigilance at all times, we must know where we are, what we have, and what our situation is, and in order to know where to find food, how to pick a camp site, and what water to drink, we must be connected to our surroundings.

These skills will lead to a new sense of confidence, and an understanding of how we fit into our communities and let you have more control over your own life.

Please check our schedule for all upcoming classes!

All our classes are availble to be scheduled for a private group of 8 or more! Contact us to set a date!