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See a class you like that isn't on our schedule? Get 6 or more friends together and we'll schedule a custom class for you! Find 10 or more friends and we'll set up a private class for you!! Just email to get your class going!

Stone Pendant and Bead Making: People have been decorating themselves since long before the advent of glass beads, and metal jewelry.

Wilderness Bow Building: In the wilderness the bow and arrows have always been the ultimate tool of food gathering and self protection.

Bike Tire Sandals: There is so much waste and so much garbage in the culture of the 21st century. All people will and are feeling the effects of this waste. There are alternatives to the waste. We can reuse our things!

Hokori Survival Camp: Have you ever felt threatened or unsafe in your home, or anywhere else? I think we all have. The tools necessary for protecting and taking care of yourself are not something that a person just gets. They are something that we must all work at.

Herbal Salves and Tinctures: Modern medicine certainly has its place, but medicine can and should come from the earth, these are a more centering and holistic medicine.

Primitive Toys And Games: All indigenous people throughout the world, have toys and games that they make for and teach to their children. Many of these toys and games have a deeper meaning. Teaching balance, and stalking, hunting skills, and intimate knowledge of the land. Many of these games are also, a lot of fun!

Wild Harvested Teas: Teas is and has been a social occasion, a medicine, and a day starter. Tea conjures different imagery for everyone, but most everyone can relate to it.

The Sacred Hunt: Have you always wanted to go hunting, but were afraid to try? Do you not have anyone to teach you? Are you worried about the ethics? This is the answer to your questions!

Bow Building Weekend: What could a more ubiquitous example of the feral side of humanity than the bow and arrow? Since itís invention more 10,000 years ago it has been the symbol of wild humans. At that time, it was the most powerful weapon on the planet. Still today it is the weapon of choice or many hunters.

Quillwork: Learn the ancient Native American art of porcupine quill embroidery. This style of decoration has been used for hundreds of years by the original people of the great Lakes, and east coast regions of the U.S.

Free Primitive Living Skills Discussion: What are primitive living skills? Why should you know about them? Do they play a role in your life? All of these questions will be addressed at this free discussion!

How To Build Your Own Survival Kit: Do you enjoy hanging out in nature? Are you a hunter, or fisher, or do you simply enjoy camping and hiking? What would you do if you found yourself lost or injured?

Wilderness Survival Basics: New to the world of Survival? Or new to the outdoors? This introductory level class will give a base of knowledge that you will need in case of an emergency, or lost type situation.

Friction Fire: In this somewhat advanced workshop we will learn and work on bow drill and hand drill fire making techniques!

3 Day Intermediate Wilderness Skills: So, you've got the basics. You can make a fire, you can build a lean-to, or make a tarp shelter, you may even know a few edible wild plants, but what's next? How do you grow your skill set? Here's a good next step!

Moccasins: Throughout human history we have devised hundreds of ways to cover and to protect our feet. Leather has been used by countless cultures to meet these needs.

Foraging Edibles and Primitive Cooking: Nature can provide everything that we need. We can find delicious nourishing food just by paying attention to the plants that are all around us.

Brain Tanning: The ability to turn a raw animal hide into leather has been an integral part of human life for thousands of years. It has clothed our families and built our shelters for countless generations.

Wild Edibles: Did you know that you can eat nearly every part of a dandelion? Or, that a cattail can save your life? We are literally surrounded by plants that can feed, and sustain you every day!

The Art of Primitive Trapping: Trapping animals Has always been a very efficient way to harvest meat and fur. You find a place where animals are likely to be, you set your trap, and you go about your day. The trap keeps working for you!

Intro to Fire Making: In this 2 hour workshop you will learn the basics of fire construction, from the ingredients to the the maintenance.

Knife, Saw, and Axe: In the bush, there are many potential tools. Some you would bring from home, and some that you would make in the field.

Primitive Hunting and Fishing Tools: In the wilderness, be it now, or 10,000 years ago, there has always been one constant. The search for food.

Twining Cordage & Knots: The ability to make rope and string out of plants that grow in our natural environment is one of the most essential skills that you can learn.

Make a Leather Pouch: Before there were pockets people needed some other way to carry all of their tools and belongings. Even today the idea of a backpack or a purse is a huge market. Why not make your own?

A Season Of Wild Food: Prepare to learn the local flora, in depth and at different stages of growth! Learn to cook your foraged plant finds, and to make your own medicine during eight 3-hour sessions!

Fire Starting: In this 1/2 day workshop you will learn the basics of fire construction. We will cover the ingredients necessary to start and maintain your fire. We will cover how to set it up, and how to ignite the fire that will see you through your time in the woods.

Foraging Edibles and Primitive Cooking: Nature can provide everything that we need. We can find delicious nourishing food just by paying attention to the plants that are all around us.

Campfire Cooking: So now you can start a fire. You can even maintain it once it's lit. Now, what do you do with it? Cook!

3 Day Wilderness Skills: Our 3-day wilderness survival class will bring you and your class mates into a weekend experience where we will work together as a group to learn the 4 basic skill sets and 2 guiding principles of survival.

Birch Bark Box: Come and make a small birch bark box! There are so many uses for birch bark; fire starting, Moose calls, boxes, and baskets, even water proof containers.

Primitive Hunting: In this one day program we will discuss several topics around the subject of primitive hunting. We will discuss: ethics, game processing and preserving, the 3 most common types of hunting, and more!

Bone Tools: Have you ever wondered how people made their tools before steel became king? There were and ARE many ways to make the tools that you need straight from nature. One of those is bone.

Survival Shelter: This will be an in depth look at shelter building in practice and concept. We will build some Tarp shelters and look at the more in depth meanings behind why shelter is so important and what exactly you need.