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A history of us

Future Necessities is a wilderness skills and primitive technology school. Our classes are designed to be a unique experience for each student. We offer classes in basic, intermediate, and advanced survival. We also teach fire making, bow making, twining and cordage, and nature connection. We have spent our lives gaining our own connections and our own sense of confidence and self-reliance.

Now; we want to share this with you!

Blake Southard:
Program Director/Instructor

As I entered my 20's I took off on my own adventure to learn who I really was and what I could do, I studied friction fire, and flint knapping, I lived outside, and trained in the everglades and in Oregon, I spent time in Texas and in Arkansas. I studied, construction, farming, and automotive repair, finally I became a licensed EMT. These travels have made me the person that I am today, and the skills that I learned have prepared me to offer my greater community a chance to know the confidence, and love of nature that I feel today.

Jeff Thompson:
Business Manager/Instructor

Jeff Thompson is a 3rd generation knife maker with a skill-set in working leather, wood, bone, stone and steel. He also often finds occasion to call on his background in filmmaking, web development and graphic design. As a lifelong craftsman and outdoor enthusiast, the skills of the wild fit him like a skin and his enthusiasm for learning and teaching makes him an asset to every class.

Gregg Southard:

Howdy!!! I'm Gregg, Blake's father. I grew up outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping. My father started teaching me the ways of the woods at about 4 years of age. I have many years of trial and error knowledge that I would like very much to share with you. I am a consultant and instructor for Future Necessities Wilderness Skills + Primitive Technology. Come sit by the fire for a bit and let me tell you a story...